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A lot of people don't know this. (Picture)


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  1. Did you know?

    Raising the limit would not make any difference at all. Most of the money input in the past has already been spent for other purposes than Social Security. Most of the SS fund is now in the form of special inter-governmental bonds -- meaning the politicians took out the funds, spent them, but wrote an IOU from the American citizens promising to repay the money. Basically, the politicians said, "we are going to take the money you already paid and which you had set aside for this purpose and we are just going to spend it anyway on something else that we want, and then YOU CITIZENS will just have to pay AGAIN for the same thing you already shelled out for."

    For the average person, if you had been given the choice to take the same amount of money and invest it strictly for yourself, your retirement checks would be about seven times as large -- and when you died, your children could still inherit what you had not spent.