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America-Hating NY Times Trashes US Flag on Independence Day


Peter Treiber Jr.’s Gorgeous Potato Truck

A horribly unpatriotic and deceiving NY Times piece titled “A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite” casts a false narrative around those who love our nation’s beautiful flag.

The story begins with Peter Treiber Jr.’s potato truck, which is painted with the stars and stripes.

Peter holds liberal views but he displays the American Flag anyway. This may be shocking for America hating Democrats.

The article continues to blame conservatives for this problem, which is really just a lack of patriotism on the left.

Dems and the media consistently denounce American nationalism and compare patriotism with Nazism and white supremacy.

Woke athletes like loser Gwen Berry and Queen Lebron are the problem.

The story continues to accuse patriots of “politicizing” the American Flag and even references woke, broke Colin Kaepernick’s infamous kneel.

27 long, monotonous paragraphs into the story, “Ana Perez, 33, served up pupusas, stuffed masa flour patties” to all of her Spanish-only customers.

“Many of them are the laborers who clean the pools at the beach houses and scare the crows off the grapes at the wineries.”

The article then goes on to mention President Trump’s America First secure border policy.

Is she suggesting that ALL of these amazing Latinos are here illegally?

Ms. Perez however, has an American Flag t-shirt to wear today, despite the narrative that it is a “white-nationalist” symbol.

“‘This symbolizes this country, and I live in this country,’ she said, speaking in Spanish because she is not fluent in English. ‘This flag is for all.'”

Yes, even non-whites, even Spanish-speakers, even some Democrats love our great country and its flag.

The activist media is causing division over the flag by producing crap like this, showing how much they hate America.

These self-righteous aristocrats despise the flag-waving American middle class.

Happy Birthday to the GREATEST country IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!


  1. NOTHING good about this nation to celebrate anyway. Totally EVIL at this point.