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Ballot Integrity Project Aims to Provide Arizona Voters a Full Spectrum of Transparency in Elections


The Ballot Integrity Project in Arizona hopes to make the voting process more transparent by adding controls that provide more transparency to the overall election process. 

Arizona is leading the charge in identifying invalid ballots included in the 2020 Election and determining the controls, if any, that allowed invalid ballots to be included in the election results.

One effort in Arizona to prevent future elections from being ruined with invalid results is to implement the recommendations from the Ballot Integrity Project.

This project is an effort to protect elections by adding watermarks to the ballot to prevent invalid ballots from being added to the election.  In addition, each ballot will include a unique identifier where the voter can in the future look at their vote.  At a small cost, Arizona could have ballot integrity and vote integrity by implementing this initiative.

Ballot Integrity Project from Mark Finchem on Vimeo.

This is a great idea coming from the great state of Arizona and Rep. Mark Finchem who’s running for Secretary of State.

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  1. Definitely some major steps in the right direction. The transparency issue of voting is long overdue. The unique identifier number is a weak point, which should be changed to an arbitrarily drawn number, thus if it is not assigned, no one CAN get knowledge of it except from the voter that has drawn the number. Time stamps and pole people signature stamps could also be added. The undrawn numbers would also need to be listed for further integrity.