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Bout time! (Picture)



  1. I kind of agree with that. If we are paying school taxes, then they should cover eating. There are many things that can be eliminated, but food is not one of them.

    1. Please bear in mind the school taxes will have to be increased. In Massachusetts, that comes from the residents property taxes.

      I would also point out that if those children did not attend school, they would eat lunch provided by their family. That's how I received my lunch, in a brown bag, which usually was superior to the fare provided by the school anyway

  2. There's always enough money to pay for war, but our schools struggle to feed kids.

  3. Just another uneducated left coast,low IQ dope. The food is not free, the servers serving the food are not free, the energy used to cook the food is not free, the soap and water to wash the dishes is not free, the garbage removal is not free,the school is not free, is there anything in this photo that is free? No.

  4. Free for the students. Not free for the taxpayer?

  5. And you have no control over what is being fed to your children, what additives, what medications.
    Good luck, I will stick to sandwiches from home.