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Devastating Revelations in Georgia Are in Direct Conflict with Comments from Georgia Election Leaders Like Gabe Sterling


After the results of the audit in Georgia were announced today people came out of the woodwork bringing up the former acts and comments from those who certified the 2020 results, including chunky Gabe Sterling.

The presser in Georgia by those auditing the results in Fulton County Georgia were released this morning and they showed a 60% error reporting rate.

Videos of the duplicate votes were shared.

After the results were shared a number of tweets were directed at Gabe Sterling, the Secretary of State’s COO or CFO or whatever he currently is.

Some people were shocked to hear the news about the auditor’s findings in Georgia:

Others noted Sterling as well –

Others noted that Kemp, Raffensperger, and Sterling tried to make us feel like we were looking at men from Mars –

Quickly Sterling’s past comments are coming back to haunt him.

Let’s hope that these culprits get what they deserve.  


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