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EPIC! Far Left “Fact-Checker” Who Takes Money from Chinese Outlets GETS ROASTED on Bannon’s War Room

 This was truly a wild segment today on Steve Bannon’s War Room!

Steve invited former CNN hack Alan Duke on the show.
Alan Duke is a hard-left journalist who launched “Lead Stories”, an apparent scheme by the anti-American tech giants to rid conservatives from their platforms.

Of course, Duke will tell you his organization is a legitimate “fact-checking” website when NOTHING is further from the truth.

Duke told the War Room audience that lead Stories regularly fact-checks the liberal mainstream outlets when this is absolutely untrue.
This does not happen at Lead Stories — despite the continued lies and gaslighting by liberal outlets on a daily basis.

Duke also argued that his group is non-partisan — which is also untrue.

Their entire purpose of existence is built around smearing popular conservative outlets and diminishing their presence online.

During the segment on Tuesday, Steve Bannon turned the microphone over to Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters from National Pulse who absolutely destroyed Duke on his organization’s fake fact-checks of their popular and trusted American website.

Then author, pundit, OAN journalist and Human Events senior editorJack Posobiec played clean-up and absolutely mopped the floor with Duke.

Posobiec brought the video with him of  Joe Biden’s lies about his son Hunter’s business dealings with China during his debate with President Donald Trump.

Lead Stories DID NOT “fact-check” Joe Biden at the time — They “fact-checked” Jack Posobiec for pointing out the  obvious lie.

Duke had no answer for Jack and started to sputter. Then he asked Jack to write him! The AUDACITY of these leftist turds!

Alan Duke deserved every bit of this.

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