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EXCLUSIVE: Judge Selection Cannot Be Random – If So, How Could So Many Trump Related Cases End Up with Obama Judges?


We are seeing this over and over again.  Obama judges end up with all the court cases that are related to President Trump.  The selection process is statistically impossible.

We just reported on a case in Michigan where the state is suing whistleblowers in the state who reported on the massive election abuse in Michigan.  This case is overseen by Judge Linda Parker, an Obama judge.

Judge Parker also oversaw and ruled on Sidney Powell’s case in Michigan right after the election which Judge Parker labeled “speculation” and threw in the garbage.  Her comments and bias showed right through her ruling and it’s doubtful she even read Powell’s arguments of clear election fraud.  Eventually, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case. (A state election for President was stolen and the Supreme Court didn’t care!)

Last week we reported that two of three Big Tech cases from President Trump are assigned to Obama judges.

In May an Obama judge claimed Steve Bannon was guilty by accepting President Trump’s pardon and then dismissed his case – months after he was pardoned

Roger Stone and Paul Manafort both received Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson – they never had a chance.

Will someone, anyone in authority look into this?  This cannot be due to random assignments.  No way.

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