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Gulf of Mexico today :( (Picture)


Gulf of Mexico today :(


  1. need the video, maybe just fired up the pumps while approaching making sure alls ok. Anyone NOT ever dealing of having knowledge of this type of on board equipment need to shut up. Mistakes can take lives dealing with water pressures designed to throw quantities of water needed to keep safe distance from flame hole. ALSO it's NOT like that fire hole is staying in one place as currents will affect the rising. Wait fot the vid before condemning as idiots...

  2. i think that underwater fire is a photoshop

    1. It's not a fire. It's a wide open portal to all the evil in the universe. Hell and satan. I just got my first batch of medical weed today. It's pretty good.

  3. "I feared for my life, so I kept well clear."
    I remember the days as a fireman when we actually entered burning building to search for people trapped.
    It wa a long time ago.