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Jen Psaki: Voter ID Laws and Absentee Ballot Regulations are “Worst Challenge to Our Democracy Since the Civil War”


If they can’t cheat – They can’t win.
Every good Marxist knows this.

Democrats are furious with the Voter ID rules and absentee ballot regulations being signed into law in several states across the country.

Voter ID is very popular in the country, including with 70% of black voters.
Black voters are tired of Democrats destroying their communities.

But Democrats do not care how popular Voter ID laws are or how many countries have Voter ID laws.
They need it gone. That is their goal.

On Monday White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the new voter regulations, including rules on Voter ID and absentee voting, are the “worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War.”

These people are shameless liars.
They don’t care.


  1. Are you serious? The most vile and blatant stealing of an election EVER in the USA just occurred and this lady has the audacity to call these reasonable voting protection laws a threat to democracy? That's like saying trying to catch arsonists is a threat to fire fighters everywhere!

  2. Interesting comparison, considering the Civil War was over the right of states to secede, and had nothing to do with slavery. It marked the turning point of the gutting of state rights and an exponential increase in federal power. So naturally, allowing states to safeguard their own elections(choices) is nothing Washington wants to happen.

  3. The bullshit from this unelected fraud admin is truly sickening

  4. Would love to see somebody shove a big copy of the constitution down here slimy commie throat.