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Screaming Leftist Mob SHUTS DOWN Presser by Marjorie Greene and Matt Gaetz on Jan. 6 Political Prisoners (VIDEO) …UPDATE: MSNBC Host Cheers the Assault!


Screaming leftists would not allow Republican lawmakers their constitutional right to free assembly today in Washington DC.

Reps. Gaetz, Gohmert, Gosar, and Greene held a press conference at the Department of Justice on Tuesday demanding answers on the inhumane treatment of the Jan. 6 political prisoners. 

But the left would not allow the press conference to take place.
And Capitol police would not defend the lawmakers.

Political prisoners are suffering in a DC prison for over 6 months now in isolation and the left and RINO supporters are just fine with this.
The Republican Party is fine with this.
This is in our nation’s capital.

Here is the video.

This is the modern day left.
And the Republican Party and party leaders are silent.

UPDATE– MSNBC host Joy Reid cheered the assault.

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