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Sharpiegate Scandal Sees New Life – Readers Share that Sharpies Were Used Across the Country


Last week the Cyber Ninjas audit team performing the 2020 Election audit of the results in Maricopa County identified numerous issues already from their work.  One issue related to the claims surrounding ‘Sharpiegate’.

Sharpiegate was the term used to identify concerns voters had in parts of Arizona where they were instructed to fill out their ballots with a sharpie pen.  This was concerning to voters in Arizona and was made fun of by the press.

Last week the auditors in Arizona identified why there should be concerns with using a sharpie to fill out your ballot.  They determined that sharpie pens bleed through ballots created with the wrong paper stock leading to erroneous counts of votes in the area where this occurs.

We’ve found evidence that sharpies were used across the country during the 2020 Election.

In Arizona, we’ve received messages that sharpies were used.

In California, numerous individuals reported receiving sharpies.

In Colorado.

In Idaho.

In Illinois.

In Pennsylvania.

Across the country, people were requested to use sharpies to fill out their votes.  If they were used with a paper that is thinner than required, all of these ballots may have been altered as a result of this process.

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  1. I and my husband live in upstate NY, in a county that uses Dominion voting machines (counties down near NYC don't use dominion by the way, I wonder why); anyway we are always given sharpie pens to use.(I still have the ones from 2020 election) This is the only way I can figure they can fix the vote so Cuomo will win, and that NY went for Biden. DC/Lex