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“The Financial Story of the Century Continues to be Ignored” The SEC’s case with Crypto Innovator Ripple Labs Heats Up


The crypto wars continue.  

A few weeks ago we reported on the case brought forward by the SEC a few hours before its former Head resigned.  Former Chairman Jay Clayton filed an 11th-hour court case against crypto innovator Ripple labs.

Recently Ripple requested a deposition from one of Clayton’s top men at the SEC, the courts have since ruled that Ripple can depose the individual the government was protecting from being deposed.

This story heated up last week when the SEC told the judge that they needed time to evaluate the judge’s decision that the individual Ripple wanted to depose was to be deposed by Ripple.

This story involves the future of cryptocurrencies, the SEC, and China.  Yes, it’s kinda big.

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