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What Garbage! US Soccer Insists Women’s Olympic Soccer Team Was Not Disrespecting Flag or WWII Vet Playing National Anthem — Despite the Video

 As reported earlier by Cristina Laila — On Monday several women on the US soccer team turned away from the US flag as 98-year-old WWII veteran Pete DuPré played the national anthem on a harmonica.

The US women’s soccer team was playing an exhibition game against Mexico in East Hartford, Connecticut in a pre-Olympic sendoff game before heading to Japan.

The US Soccer Federation then corrected former DNI Richard Grenell for posting on this outrageous act of disrespect by the angry soccer players.
They said it wasn’t true.

So the US Soccer Federation wants Americans to believe these women are suddenly pro-American?

Please, give us a break!

These are the same angry women who regularly kneel through the anthem — even when on foreign soil.

Now we are supposed to believe their BS and not our own lying eyes.

These are the same women who trample on the US flag.

These are the same classless women who curse the US president.

Maybe they’re tired of their crappy ratings.

Sorry, US Soccer, we’re not buying your BS.

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  1. It is the People that decide what is disrespectful - not the WOS!