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Why is Haiti so poor? (Picture)



  1. When the slaves overthrew their French masters in the 1800's this country never regained it's prosperity....now you know why.

    1. Ohh the answer is easy ??
      Black Rule .....
      & all the bovine excrement about reparation until 1947 & so called punishing conspiracy ?? Is as I said.. Bovine Excrement with a flavour & odour of Rabbi Marx theories ?

  2. Haiti is poor because their average IQ is 67. The population is unable to make long term plans or to see the predictable outcomes of their actions. They are unable to integrate themselves into a technological society past early Iron Age, and so they have an early Iron Age economy.

  3. Germany was forced to pay crippling reparations after WWI and they still managed to build up enough industry to wage WWII. AFTER being utterly destroyed in WWII, they recovered and rebuilt years faster than the rest of Europe, especially the Brits. Gee, wonder why?