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Afghan Protesters ‘Hopeless’ Outside White House: Biden Has Revived Islamic Terrorism, It Will Have Bad Consequences for Our Country

 Amid the thousands of illegal immigrants flooding across the US border daily, illegitimate US president Joe Biden is now empowering radical Islamic jihadists in Afghanistan ahead of the September 11th anniversary.

Despite twenty years of blood and treasure spent on defeating the war on terror, the Biden administration’s sweeping withdrawal from Afghanistan is rapidly degenerating the poverty-ridden country into a terrorist haven.

The Taliban and other terror networks in the Middle East will vie for power and jihadi terrorism will resurge, Atiq Abbas, an Afghan native who emigrated to the US in February.

“Joe Biden took the decision now to pull out the troops at once – in a single day or very short time. This is rushed and it will have bad consequences for our country of course and even for the United States in the future. Who were Al Qaeda? They were the people that were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. That’s why the United States came to Afghanistan to kill them,” he said. “Now, they’re back.”

“I am totally hopeless for my future – the future of my country. It is totally black. It was the last time the United States will help my country – we lost this chance. No one is going to help us,” Abbas continued. “The United States is letting them control the country. They will take you again, they will take your embassy, your people, they will take many countries. If Pakistan gives [the Taliban] nuclear technology, what will happen? You should ask this question to Biden. He should think about this.”

Once Biden took office, the Taliban stopped attending peace meetings and went on a murder spree, explained Zora, an Afghan American, Biden supporter and member of the group End Proxy War In Afghanistan, which organized the protest at the White House.

“There were targeted killings of civilians. They were blowing up infrastructure. They were blowing up buildings. These are all war crimes. We were wondering why the deal was continuing when there are war crimes happening,” Zora told . “The troop withdrawal plus the announcement –the deadline – just emboldened the Taliban and their sponsors.”

US intervention in Afghanistan created a path for females in Afghanistan to vote, attend school and pursue careers without facing death sentences

As US forces precipitously vacate Afghanistan, the hopes and dreams of thousands of girls will rest in the hands of murderous Islamic militants, Nazila Jamshidi admonished.

“The situation in Afghanistan is heartbreaking. Thousands of people are displaced. Thousands of women are trying to find a way to get out of the country. They care about their rights. They care about their hard-earned gains – about all of the change they have made in the last 20 years,” Jamshidi told the Gateway Pundit.  “Now, all of a sudden they see an Islamic immigrant in front of their eyes – which has no respect for human rights, no respect for our diversity especially no respect for our values.

“We have fifty percent of the girl in school instead of zero before 2001,” she continued. “Since September 11, 2001 – for 20 years, they rebuilt the community and created a community which was very respectful to diversity and human rights and democratic values. For 20 years, we taught our children about these values. Now, those children who were born after 2001 – now they are facing an Islamic Emirate and no one knows which kind of rules and regulations they are going to bring for Afghan women.”

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