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“Kabul Fell Yesterday, Where is the President?” – CNN’s Brianna Keilar Confronts Biden’s Inept Deputy NatSec Advisor (VIDEO)


Feeble Joe Biden still has not addressed the nation as Afghanistan devolves into chaos.

CNN is stunned that Joe Biden, a man with dementia who has a 50-year record of failure and corruption is overseeing a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden is in hiding so he sent his inept Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer out to do some damage control.

“Kabul fell yesterday. Where is the president?” CNN’s Brianna Keilar said.


Biden is currently hiding out at Camp David, the presidential retreat in western Maryland as Afghanistan falls to the Taliban.

Taliban leaders, including terrorists who spent time at Gitmo have taken over the presidential palace in Kabul.

Afghans were filmed chasing a massive US plane down the runway today at the Kabul Airport.

A man was seen falling from a plane leaving the Kabul International Airport today during the chaos in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is expected to address the nation Monday afternoon.

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  1. Afghanistan "fell"? Seems to me when a nation throws off the yoke of occupation is "rises"! And if the Taliban are 'terrorists" then so too is every "freedom fighter" throughout history.