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Tax the rich . (Picture)



  1. You are aware this is about having a corrupt government? The government writes the tax code. The billionaires bribe the government. The person who offers the bribe as well as the person that accepts it are both criminals.

    1. Hey flem33! 100% correct! The ONLY reason why billionaires get off cheap is because politicians take their bribes to let them do it.

      Reich was no friend of the common man back when he was working for Clinton. Reich told us that by moving factories and jobs overseas, we would get goods so cheap we would all be better off. Lying weasel... I didn't trust him then and sure as hell don't trust him now.

  2. All tax is theft...and what they don't tax they try to steal.

    "This rare insight into the American Judeocracy affords us the opportunity to draw a few plausible conclusions. First is the power of money. Jews attain positions of influence and power, not because they are so talented, smart, noble, or well-liked, but rather because they effectively buy their way into power. They are adept at using cash donations, personal connections, and ‘sharp elbows’ to maneuver themselves into key positions in government and media, and then to use those positions to further enhance their wealth and personal network. It is a self-reinforcing cycle of the most malicious sort: of using wealth to create wealth, of using power to grow more powerful. And they do this in what, for most persons, would be considered highly unethical (when not outright illegal) ways. Everyone accepts that ‘money corrupts politics,’ but they never acknowledge that the bulk of the political money—roughly 25% to 50%, depending on race and party—comes from one source: the Jewish Lobby. Once in their pocket, politicians then readily write or alter laws to further enhance Jewish power. Again, it’s a self-serving process of the highest order. The ultimate goal of all action is, simply put, Jewish wealth and power; not justice, not fairness, not equity, not efficiency, not compassion. Hence all such things are lacking from our government." Thomas Dalton, PhD

  3. No one should pay income tax...no one!