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EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri In Leaked Recording on Fellow Supervisor: Hickman “Just Didn’t Have The Guts” – LIED To Stonewall A REAL Audit (AUDIO)


Leaked audit recordings recovered by The Gateway Pundit reveal the truth about the Maricopa County post-election audit. 

Maricopa County Officials and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs swore by their previous garbage audit in May.

In County Supervisor Steve Chucri’s own words, their audit was “pretty bullsh*t” as we’ve been saying all along.

Chucri also said that Supervisors Clint Hickman and Jack Sellers did not want to perform real audits because they were scared that they actually lost their races.

According to Chucri, Hickman knew that they could have done a meaningful, large-scale full forensic audit.

But instead, he withheld this vital information until after the vote, and they performed a sham audit on an extremely small scale.

Their audit only looked at about 2% or approximately 47,000 ballots out of nearly 2.1 million ballots. 

Clint Hickman “just didn’t have the guts” to do a real audit.

Chucri: Hickman wanted, he wanted to have a conversation with an audit he just didn’t have the guts to do it at the end of last year, after I’d been asking for something.

Chucri: Those guys want to suck up and kiss up for your vote. And my biggest mistake and I said this to Eric, was, I should have never believed what I was being told about, we couldn’t do more than 2% of an audit before we certified the election, my biggest mistake was listening to that. I should have listened to Andy Biggs, and I think even Brnovich said you could do 30%. Hickman screwed up there because I didn’t know about it until it was too late.

Clint Hickman withheld critical election information from the Board of Supervisors in order to save his seat.

It appears that Congressman Andy Biggs and Attorney General Brnovich told them this to begin with.

While they labeled us conspiracy theorists for not trusting their fake audit, Chucri was behind the scenes spilling the beans on Hickman and Charman Jack Sellers’ possible coup. 

Chucri needs to come clean.

What or who is coercing him to go against his conscience?

The Arizona Audit report will be released this Friday and the Arizona Senate will perform a joint audit of the routers and finish the audit.

Will Hickman come clean?


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  1. No he won't come clean, he doesn't have the guts. Perhaps some thumbscrews will loosen his mouth...