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Lawyer For Marine Imprisoned For Speaking Out Against Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Joins Tucker Carlson: “He’s sitting in jail with no formal charges against him” [VIDEO]

 A video by US Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller shows him criticizing top military commanders over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, which went viral last week.

One day after sharing his story on Facebook, Scheller was “relieved for cause.”

Today, it was revealed that 17-year- Marine Lt. Col. Scheller is in jail—“indefinitely.”

Scheller’s father reached out to Tucker Carlson to tell him his son was sitting in prison with “dangerous criminals.”

His crime? He spoke out against the Biden administration’s epic failure in Afghanistan.

Lt. Colonel Scheller, a married man with children, is sitting in prison today, with no formal charges against him and no end date for his prison term.

Tucker Carlson spoke about Lt. Col. Scheller, calling him an “honorable and honest man,” who is “also blameless.”

“As of tonight, there’s just one man in the entire US government who is being punished for the failure, the catastrophic failure in Afghanistan—just one man,” Tucker told his viewers.

“What was his crime?” Carlson asked.  “His crime was criticizing those decisions,” Tucker said and then shared a clip from Lt. Col. Scheller’s video he posted on Facebook in August.

Tucker reminded his viewers that none of the top brass are paying for their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and then shared an updated clip of Lt. Col. Scheller before speaking with his lawyer Tony Buzbee.



  1. "To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the mind's of men,
    their Individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." Brock Chisolm, Director of the UN World Health Organization: SCP Journal 1991

  2. No, He's in the Brig. Difference is; The Brig is a Captains option to hold those he feels maybe a threat, Military Law. Prison comes with sentencing...