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  1. Diabetes is caused by pharmajudicals, poor diet and vaccines. It's also curable.
    "Modern Medicine would rather you die using its remedies than live by using what physicians call quackery".--Dr Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

    "At least since the 1970s, pertussis vaccine has been known in animal experiments to stimulate over-production of insulin by the pancreas followed by exhaustion and destruction of the "islets" with consequent under-production of insulin; in the first case the outcome is hypoglycemia, and in the latter it is diabetes. Physicians as early as 1949 called attention to low blood glucose in children who had severe reactions to the pertussis vaccine. In 1970, Margaret Pittman wrote: "the infant whose blood sugar level is influenced by food intake may be especially vulnerable to vaccine-induced hypoglycemia...the vaccine induces hypoglycemia in mice and rabbits." Gordon Stewart wrote in 1977: "more than any other vaccine in common use, pertussis vaccine is known pharmacologically to provoke...hypoglycemia due to increase production of insulin." Two Dutch researchers, Hannik and Cohen, observed in 1978: "infants who show serious reactions following pertussis vaccination suffer from a failure to maintain glucose homeostasis." And two German researchers, Hennessen and Quast, found in 1979 that 59 out of 149 children who manifested adverse reactions to the pertussis vaccine developed symptoms of hypoglycemia."---Harris Coulter

    "There are many reports in the literature of Type-I diabetes emerging after mumps vaccination. In 1997, Sinaiotis and colleagues reported the onset of Type-I diabetes one month after receipt of mumps vaccine in a 6.5 year old boy. In 1991, Pawlowski and Gries described an 11-year old body who had mumps disease at age 16 months and then received measles-mumps vaccine 5 months prior to the emergence of Type-I diabetes; he had severe abdominal pain and fever one week after vaccination. In 1984, Otten and colleagues reported three cases of Type-I diabetes with onset in one case 10 days and, in other cases, 3 weeks after mumps vaccination in children 3,2 and 16 years of age. In 1986, Helmke and colleagues reported seven children who developed Type-I diabetes in the second to fourth week following mumps or measles-mumps vaccination. In 1979, Quast and colleagues noted that in the first two years after mumps and measles-mumps vaccines were introduced into Germany, two cases of Type-I diabetes following immunization with measles-mumps and mumps vaccines respectively were reported to the manufacturer."---Harris Coulter

    And let's not forget the other reason...sugar, HFCS and

    "The swelling ranks of diabetics can consider themselves victims of the Food Giants."
    -- Paul A. Stitt

  2. ....make me President...or better yet, when an ethics-based presidential candidate wins... (Ha! Ha! Ha!)...give me Fauci's job. I would immediately finance an international team of researchers, scientists, ethics experts, intelligence experts, anti-Globalists and others...both intellectuals and common citizens...who have shown they are not minions of Big Pharma or the corrupt government. The research teams would be experts in vaccines, government funding and propaganda, lawyers and prosecutors who know how to dig, dig, dig. I would authorize a strike team of experts on government archives, people who know how they hide the secrets, and where to get...all of them. I would create teams of people who research quickly and efficiently. The goal would not be to uncover every individual duplicity...but to point the world in the direction of truth. After the first round of deep investigation, Grand Juries would be the next level of investigation. I don't care that much about the local lab tech that lied about a PCR test. This isn't about finding poor souls who were clerks in some WW II camp who are now being prosecuted at 99 years of age. I would appoint and Army of researchers, and use that force to initiate a one-year review of every document, policy and piece of evidence we can find which shows the basic, historic lies, corruption and death caused by the CDC / FDA / US Government. I would create powerful investigatory bodies which can charge you for crimes against humanity and seek your death...or enhanced interrogation... unless they tell us the truth about this Diversity Genocide. They want to "rewrite history"? Okay...lets do that. Let's tell the full truth, going back as far as we can. We certainly cannot convict FDR of his treason at Pearl Harbor and WW II...but we could convict Bush and Cheney for treason...legally waterboard and abuse both of the war criminals until they told the truth...and legally dangle them from a rope in our lifetime. That...should be the goal.