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And online shopping


  1. $1,000 iphone, $100 vape thing, $200 sneakers, $700 tattoos, $400 x box, $200 video games, weed, cigs, Starbucks $12 latte', and alcohol. I can't afford an apartment!

  2. "Attention Planets of the Solar Federation, we have assumed control..." Rush and now Big Pharma, Central Bank Cartels and Big Tech...

  3. To clarify, that should be called "MONETARY inflation". Too often people only think of higher prices, and blame merchants for raising prices, but it's not their fault. The problem starts when the bankers create fiat money out of nothing and INFLATE the supply of money. That makes them and their buddies rich, but as the money seeps out into the general economy, each dollar becomes less and less valuable. That is why merchants have to raise their prices just to stay in business. Yes, the problem is inflation, but it is the BANKERS who are the cause of it.