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“F***ing Stupid”...Head in Hands in Disgust...Moderate Dem Joe Manchin Goes After Schumer for Victory Lap Speech Attacking Republicans

 What happened on Thursday night on the Senate floor is a perfect example of just how far apart Republicans are from Democrats on the direction of America.

After the Senate voted 61-38 on Thursday night to end debate on a bill to increase the debt ceiling for less than two months, Senator Chuck Schumer took the opportunity to go low and deliver a speech trashing Republicans. Senators on both sides of the aisle were disgusted with Schumer’s speech.

Schumer gloated: “Republicans played a risky and partisan game, and I am glad their brinkmanship didn’t work.”

A disgusted Joe Manchin sat behind Senator Chuck Schumer with his head in his hands during the speech, slamming Republicans over the debt ceiling.

Daily Mail reports that Senator Manchin was later seen confronting Senator Schumer on the Senate floor to speak to him. Manchin said his speech was ‘f***ing stupid.’

Manchin then told reporters Senator Schumer’s speech against Republicans wasn’t ‘appropriate’:

‘I’m sure Chuck’s frustrated, but that was not a way to take it out. We just disagree. I’d done it differently. Civility is gone.’

Republican Senator John Thune and RINO Mitt Romney confronted Schumer about his remarks on the Senate floor.

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  1. When I saw this on tv I could not believe my eyes!!! He actually had to leave as the Bullsh*t was getting so deep in the room he could not stand it!