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“Honor our responsibility to our children”...Pelosi Pushes Biden’s Socialist Agenda of ‘Build Back Better’ Using Our Children as Pawns

 Nancy Pelosi and Democrats want to throw the dignity of work out the window with a ‘Build Back Better’ Socialist agenda. Pelosi just spoke at her weekly press conference, saying she is determined to pass the “transformative” socialist agenda of a multi-trillion dollar boondoggle. It includes free community college and other freebies that they claim will cost “zero dollars.” A big lie!

Senator Joe Manchin called the bill “fiscal insanity.”

The entire press conference: 

Biden has used the term ‘Build Back Better’ for his boondoggle bill that will cost $3.4 trillion. This will do nothing but cause America to be more in debt because of freebies stacked into the bill. This spending bill will have a huge impact on Americans in the form of higher taxes for EVERYONE! Inflation is a tax increase on every American.

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