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I feel bad you! (Picture)


Im from Europe and I feel bad you! Fix this!


  1. Yeah... but, but, but, we are free and American capitalism is the best!

  2. Here in the US common drugs, medical care, and medical insurance are expensive and ineffective for ONE and ONLY ONE reason. Our politicians have accepted bribes to make it that way. That's it. That's all there is to it. Our politicians have accepted bribes from pharmaceutical, insurance and health care corporations. Sometimes as "campaign donations", sometimes as promises of jobs after they leave office, sometimes for putting friends and relatives in lucrative deals or positions, but always the bribes are a payoff for our politicians to pass legislation that makes and KEEPS drugs, insurance and medical care expensive. That's it, that's the ONLY reason. Wrap your head around that. The system is broken because our politicians are crooked. Insurance and medical care are expensive and ineffective because our politicians want their bribes more than they want you to live.

  3. Who writes these headlines? This one makes no sense at all.