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Joe Biden, Standing Outside Says: “I’ll Bet Everyone In This Room...” [Video]

 Joe Biden traveled to Howell, Michigan today to make the socialism sales pitch on his boondoggle ‘Build Back Better bill. During his appearance, he squinted to see the teleprompter. His voice was robotic, and it was evident Biden was struggling to see. While reading the speech someone wrote for him; he fumbled on the numbers 73 and 73 thousand. He seemed disconnected from what he was reading.

He didn’t skip a beat when he said, “I’ll bet everyone in this room…” He was standing outside…

Biden did not correct himself because he didn’t even catch what he said.

Biden was fact-checked immediately after his speech, trying to sell his $3.5 trillion bill. Biden lied. The bill is NOT paid for, but then everyone already knew that. 

Biden said that both bills will pass. He’s now attached the bills when he promised he wouldn’t do that.

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  1. ... probably thought he was inside because he heard the echo of something rattling around inside his head.. one could call that an honest mistake