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Massive tax guts for billionaires...(Cartoon)



  1. There are around 300 billionaires in America today. There are 11 million bartenders, servers and busboys in the restaurant business today. The restaurant employees get paid in tips and don't declare 100% of their tips and cheat on their taxes. If 10 million of them cut back on their tax theft by just $3 a day,that would add up to just over $100 billion more dollars per year to spent on the poor people that they are stealing from. Add in all the other "tipped" employees and the workers that get paid "under the table" and tax them too and we wouldn't need the rich to kick in any more than they do already. Look in the mirror for a solution, not at someone else.

    1. Pepe, you heartless bastard. People busting their ass waiting on arrogant, entitled customers, for PENNIES, should be further reduced so bizillionaires with homes all over the world, private jets, and hundreds of servants don't have to contribute an imperceptible amount back for their amazing good fortune?

      Oh wait, I get it /SARCASM