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Mexican cartels firing machine guns across the Rio Grande at National Guard troops

 I believe that there’s a word for a situation in which munitions are fired across an international border aimed at troops defending that border. It is a “war.” Fox News’ Bill Melugin – the preeminent journalist on the story of our southern border – captured video of tracer rounds at night coming across the Rio Grande and the taunts that accompanied them.

Fred T. of The Right Scoop summarizes:

“Armed carter members with AK-47s have stood on the opposite side of the Rio Grande” from National Guard troops and “taunted” them, Melugin reports. They have “racked the slides on their guns and have yelled to them in Spanish ‘oh we should just shoot you soldiers.'”

“Incredibly rare to see direct gunfire from a machine gun going into the U.S. like that,” says Melugin.

This video is only one minute long and worth watching:

Tracer rounds visible just above the horizon (YouTube screengrab, cropped)

The automatic weapons fire directed at National Guard soldiers is not coming from the armed forces of Mexico, but rather from the cartels that constitute the de facto governing force of major parts of Mexico. If Donald Trump were still in office, I have no doubt that he would be on the phone with Mexican President Lopez Obrador telling him that either Mexico ends the attacks on the United States or he will. Yes, that would involve weapons like predator drones or fighter aircraft (A-10 Warthogs can unleash hell on anything on the ground) or even artillery. And no, it would not be an attack on the sovereign nation of Mexico but rather on terror groups it is unable or unwilling to suppress. President Trump would explain this and no doubt would first offer the President of Mexico the role of ending the attack.

But retaliation for this attack on our sovereign territory and our armed forces has to be done. A failure to respond invites more and bigger attacks. That’s statecraft 101.

The odds that President Biden will even be aware of this situation are slim, as his puppet masters know that he is incapable of dealing with complex issues.

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