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NAILS IT! Brilliant Take On Biden’s Shifting COVID Numbers [Video]

 Joe Biden’s shifting numbers when it comes to COVID are in clip after clip. He just can’t get it straight. In reality, the person writing for Biden really is the one who is getting it wrong over and over, but Biden just says what comes up on the teleprompter.

The video below is a brilliant take that highlights Biden’s clueless comments. When other people say the outrageous numbers, it hits home that what Biden is saying is bonkers.

Another recent video (see below) of a random man saying things that Biden said in the past also highlights the absurdity of Biden’s comments.

The couple in the video below are discussing COVID numbers, and when the guy repeats Biden’s numbers, the woman gives him a puzzled look.

It’s priceless:

The Poetry of Joe Biden:

If normal people talked like Biden:

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