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This is what the IRS should be doing (Picture)


This is what the IRS should be doing


  1. Maybe the IRS should be abolished and the country goes to a 10% flax tax on gross earnings?
    Just htink about all of the money saved on salaries, benefits, court time,etc.?

    1. Or maybe follow the Constitution and not tax anyone. The country can easily survive w/o stealing money from the citizens. It has before. You have fines, permit fees, tariffs, and all the other things gov't uses to separate people from their money. Taxes should be levied against the big corporations as the Constitution permits.

  2. there is NOT one single person of HONOR of any kind in the US government.

  3. ... I eagerly await the day that Congress, the Senate, the Judiciary are replaced by AI.. at least at that point we can say that there is some level of intelligence working within those agencies..LOL