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Well, well, well, how the turntables... (Picture)


Well, well, well, how the turntables...


  1. black men won ww2,ask any school kid in LA.

    1. Ten percent of the US population won WWII?
      LOL what were they like the 6th battalion from South Park?
      (old timey movie voice)
      "Hey my dark friends, do me a favor, see? nyah
      Get in the front of the line and give me cover see, nyah"

      Look I love me some black people. I spent the better part of this morning listen to Patrice O'Neal spit some serious wisdom about how not to be bitched up by manipulative women doing bitch manipulation shit. But this idea that 10 percent of the US population somehow saved honky ass? I mean, yeah, it's possible, and given the overt racism of the era, I'm gonna be like.... "Let's use these dark guys as cannon fodder" instead of making them sit in the back cleaning 35 mm guns.... sounds like truth to me, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Americans won WWII regardless of what some hoodrat in south central says. It's kinda revisionist horse shit of me to say "Americans," I admit it, cos I want America to be a place where American people all like each other and get along, but people in the fuckin' projects got all kinds of "conspiracy theories" about how shit went down to frame themselves as heroes so they could live in an urban shithole and throw trash on the ground. It's fucked up. If people could let go of those past grudges and not rob and steal, I'd be more happy to stick up for 'em.

  2. Sorry, "White people created this" sounds too racist for me to follow, even if it's true. This is what the SJWs call "punching down."

    You gotta remember, SJWs are nerds, hipster wannabes, and preening faggots that change the rules of what used to be called "racism" to serve whatever they want to lay siege to (videogames doesn't have enough trannies, arg! There's too many white people in this move! Nyarggggg!!" etc etc

    Don't play their game. Throw the motherfucking chessboard in the air. If you see a faggoty hipster, don't wear a "MAGA" hat because you look like one of those alt-righty "proud boys" that they imagine are racist psychos despite a black cuban leading them. Instead, wear a blue hat that says "NORMAL GUY" on it and walk up and just push the pencil neck right in the mud, because that's about all they're good for.

    Throw the chess board in the air. Don't accuse these bisexual whiners as "racists," accuse them of being namby pamby pussies that shouldn't have jobs.

  3. Moreover, these pussies got the ability to DECIDE that a red hat with "make america great again" was racist, because "Make America Great Again" they imagined meant "put darky back in his place" or whatever dumb shit they hallucinated. Keep in mind these losers squat in abandoned textiles factories listening to dusty record collections while people in Vietnam work 26 hours a day making their faggoty "Urban Outfitters" clown costumes. They have no concept of economics, let alone that they are little Roman patricians living in an era of managed decline. They actually associate "winning" with dicking over most of the third world and stealing their resources, which is something they support anyway! Because they keep voting for slimy deep state actors that rig elections with such impunity that they decided to pull off "Florida recounts" in six states(!)

    Don't hit them from "MAGA." Hit them from where the media hits the rest of the human race ALLL OF THE TIME. Hit them from a place called "NORMAL PEOPLE."

    Before they started chasing windmills, #gamergate figured this out. And then all the right-wingers turned into pussies and started saying "The left does this and that blargh blargh blargh." Gamergate had a million tweets a month at its fucking peak because they were NORMAL PEOPLE fed up with SJW faggot shit.