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Biden Renews COVID Emergency for 90 Days After Saying COVID Ended Before His COVID Czar Said Pandemic Is Not Over???


Joe Biden is now saying that the COVID “emergency” is not over.  This is after he said it was over, which was before his COVID Czar said it’s not over. 

In April, Joe Biden’s COVID Czar said that the COVID crisis was not over and was still active. 


Then Joe Biden shared that the COVID crisis was over in a 60 Minutes interview that aired on September 18. 

In response to this, Biden’s  Surgeon General contradicted Biden and said that the COVID crisis was not over.  This was only weeks ago on September 20.


On the same day, September 20, Biden’s Press Secretary said that clearly, the COVID crisis was not over.  Someone was lying or terribly misinformed. 

Next, only a few days ago, Biden’s COVID Czar corrected Joe Biden and said again that the COVID crisis was not over.  He said that Biden was very clear – COVID was not over.

Today, Joe Biden announced that the COVID emergency is still in place as he renewed the COVID emergency actions for another 90 days.

The Biden administration extended the Covid-19 pandemic’s status as a public health emergency for another 90 days, preserving measures such as expanded Medicaid and higher payments to hospitals.

The decision follows comments President Biden made in September describing the pandemic as over. Some Republican lawmakers said afterward that the administration should wind down its pandemic response and the emergency designation.

Biden had to put the emergency back in place, which is not accurate, there is no COVID emergency in the US.  What many believe is that Biden had to put the COVID emergency back in place because his insane policies are dependent on it.

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