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DEAD DOG Receives Register to Vote-by-Mail Application From MI Dem Party…Homeowner’s Response Is PRICELESS!


A Michigan resident received an application to register to vote by mail. The return address on the envelope reveals that the MI Democrat Party (Michigandems.com) paid to send the application.  So far, except for the objection many voters have to third parties sending applications to register to vote by mail, everything seems fairly normal—right?

Here’s a photo of the envelope: (We’ve hidden the name and address on the envelope to protect the identity of the individual who returned the envelope to his local city clerk’s office.)

Inside the envelope, an invitation (see photo below) from the Center for Voter Information to register to vote by mail can be found addressed to “Dear Ruby.”

But scrawled across the invitation by the MI Democratic Party to register to vote by mail is a message (likely from a Democrat since it was sent by the MI Democratic Party) or at least an angry person who doesn’t care for members of the Republican Party. 

“Ruby is a dog – & DECEASED,” the homeowner at the address writes.  And then, hilariously, he gives his local clerk a heads-up to prevent any embarrassment for the Democrat Party. “Please correct Before the Republicans find out & have an INFANTILE MELTDOWN,” he scribbles across his deceased dog’s application to register to vote.

At the bottom of the invitation to register the homeowner’s dog to vote, the “non-profit” and “non-partisan” group The Center for Voter Information is identified as the organization that paid to send the invitation to register to vote, but curiously, the outside of the envelope shows the return address at the MI Democratic Party.

The Center for Voter Information website states:

We send out voter registration forms and vote-by-mail ballot applications to eligible voters across the country. Is a dead dog an “eligible voter?

The vote-by-mail ballot applications are tailored to each state and accepted by state and local election authorities. In fact, we provide samples of our mailings ahead of time to top state election officials to ensure we comply with all state laws. Does that mean MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, who is a far-left Democrat, approved of dead dogs receiving invitations to register to vote in her state? 

MI SOS Jocelyn Benson has been accused of intentionally leaving dead people on the voter rolls, but dead dogs? How in the world did the Democrat Party or the “non-partisan” Center for Voter Information even find the dead dog’s name and place it on their list of recipients to invite to register to vote?

Jocelyn Benson, who’s earned the title of Michigan’s dishonest Secretary of State, is currently embroiled in a lawsuit that demands she remove an astounding 29,000 dead people from her voter rolls. The dishonest SOS, who called the disastrous 2020 election the “most secure in history,” was recently refused by the judge when she asked him to dismiss the lawsuit.

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