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MSNBC Reporter Asks Trump Supporters Stupid Question About Jan 6, Gets Humiliated on National TV – Has No Idea About What Really Happened that Day


MSNBC reporter Elise Jordan attempted to stump Trump supporters about Jan 6 in a recent focus group in Pittsburgh, PA.  In the end, she was the one who got slapped down and corrected.  

Unfortunately for Elise, she believes her own lies and she has no grasp of the facts.

It really is no surprise that MSNBC reporters are not well-versed in the truth on many topics.  Elise Jordan exemplified this perfectly.

The Trump supporters knew what they were talking about when the subject turned to Jan 6.  When the reporter asked them questions they responded with numerous facts about the events of that day and not the folklore pushed by the media. 

Redstate reported:

One of the more frustrating things in the aftermath of the Capitol riot has been the left’s/mainstream media’s continued insistence on labeling anyone and everyone who went to then-President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally and/or who agreed with him that there were shenanigans at play during the 2020 election as traitors to their country even though the vast majority of those who were in attendance that day did not take part in the breaching of the Capitol, which was said to have began while Trump was still speaking.

Needless to say, this has caused much heartbreak and gnashing of teeth among Democrats who thought for sure that endless sham “hearings” into the events of that day would move the needle in their direction.

The truth is four Trump supporters were killed on Jan 6.  Ashli Bobbitt was shot in cold blood by Lt. Michael Byrd.  Rosanne Boyland was smothered and beaten to death on the steps of the US Capitol.  Two other Trump supporters had flash bombs blow up in their faces and they died after police started firing on peaceful protesters without warning. 

Some Capitol police were monsters on that day and should be arrested for their actions but none have been arrested to date. 

There is so much that MSNBC is not reporting and so many lies that they are reporting on that it is no wonder its reporter has no idea what the Trump supporters she interviewed were saying.

Below is the interview with MSNBC:

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