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MUST SEE: Maria Bartiromo DESTROYS Democrat Debbie Dingell on Joe Biden’s Open Borders — LEAVES HER STAMMERING (VIDEO)


Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) joined Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria on Tuesday morning.

During their discussion Maria pounded Dingell on Joe Biden’s disastrous open borders policies and the resulting escalation of fentanyl deaths in America today.

Dingell would not even admit that fentanyl deaths have risen under Joe Biden.  Maria wasn’t having it.

Maria Bartiromo refused to give Debbie Dingell a pass.  Maria was unstoppable!   Wow! 

Maria Bartiromo: Is your statement that the fentanyl crisis did not get worse under Joe Biden?

Debbie Dingell:  My statement is fentanyl is a real problem and drugs have been a problem. We’ve had a war on drugs since Ronald Reagan.

Maria Bartiromo:  Things have accelerated under Joe Biden because of the wide open border, agreed?

Debbie Dingell: I,I, I, woo, woo, would, We’re all trying to work on the border.

Maria had her stammering.  

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