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Vegas Cop Fatally Shoots Armed Man Wearing Michael Myers ‘Halloween’ Mask (VIDEO)


A 44-year-old armed man wearing a Michael Myers ‘Halloween’ mask was fatally shot by a Vegas police officer last week.

Christopher Earl Smith, 44, was shot by a police officer after he was threatening people around the intersection of Martin Luther King Blvd and Carey Avenue last Monday.

According to reports, police received several 911 calls about a man wearing a Halloween mask threatening people.

Officer Anthony Malear arrived on the scene and told Smith to put his hands up. 

Smith refused the officer’s commands and he was ultimately shot 8 times by the cop.

According to the coroner, Smith had THC, alcohol and oxycodone in his system, Fox 5 Vegas reported.

Fox 5 Vegas reported:

Assistant Chief of Police, Michael Harris, and Captain Adam Hyde held a press briefing Thursday afternoon regarding the deadly officer involved shooting that occurred on Monday, October 10th.

Officers said they received several 911 calls of a man wearing a Halloween mask around the intersection of Martin Luther King Junior and Carey Avenue.

Police say the initial call came in at 5:06 p.m. from a man who said the suspect pulled a gun on him at the MLK Statue at the Justice Center. Police say the line got disconnected from the first caller.

The North Las Vegas Police Department this week released bodycam footage of the officer-involved shooting.

Another call came from an employee at the Carey Mini Market. “I work at the Carry Mini-Mart, we have a guy out there with a gun and he’s pulled it on a couple of customers- he’s kind of wacko,” the caller said,

Surveillance video shows the suspect crossing MLK Boulevard.

By 5:40 p.m. police say officers found the man believed to wearing a Michael Myers mask at the Justice Center park.

The officer announced ‘police’ twice, ordered the suspect to stop three times and the officer then told him twice to put his hands up. The suspect ignored and he proceeded to walk toward five bystanders in the park while pulling out a loaded pistol. Police say that the firearm was stolen. Officer Malear fired eight rounds at the suspect.

“Hey, police stop right there – stop!” the officer shouted before fatally shooting Smith.



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