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VIDEO: President Of Mexican Hunting Federation Shoots At Buffalo. Then It Gores Him To Death.

 The president of the board of directors of the Mexican Hunting Federation was killed by a buffalo after he shot at one while on a hunting trip in Argentina.

After his shot, the buffalo charged and gored Mario Alberto Canales Najjar, 64, an expert hunter of big game, causing his death.

“Canales Najjar, 64, was armed with a .408-caliber rifle and had managed to get within 30 meters of the animal when he took aim,” El Pais reported.

Najjar and three friends were hunting together in the province of Entre Rios at the time of the incident on October 7. The buffalo gored Najjar in the torso, causing rib and sternal fractures as well as retroperitoneal hematomas. The area had no cell phone reception and ambulances could not reach it, so he was transported to a hospital by a pickup truck.

After Najjar was gored, the group’s hunting guide fired five shots, killing the buffalo, The Daily Mail noted.

Najjar, who went into shock after the goring, was pronounced dead on arrival. His wife and two children came to Argentina to say goodbye; he was cremated so his ashes could be transported back to Mexico.

“Huge sadness for the departure of a great man and [a] much better friend,” the Mexican Hunting Federation stated. “A conservationist and tireless fighter for hunters’ rights, his generous friendship leaves an indelible mark on us.”

Famed Canadian hunter Jim Shockey reacted, “My deepest condolences to the family of Mario Canales, who was killed two days ago by a buffalo in Argentina. … I and all of us who knew this man of conservation, this man of honor, president of the Mexican Hunting Federation, mourn with his family. … They say that hunters never die… They just go deeper into the forest.”

Another friend of Najjar’s lauded his “effort and energy to face adversity before authorities and always seek protection, understanding and legal aspects of the hunt.”

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Entre Ríos has opened an investigation into the incident and to analyze the permits held by the Punta Caballos-based company that organized the trip, specifically to check if they had the required documentation to hunt buffalo,” El Pais noted.

Najjar was vice-president of the group United for Sustainable Management of Our Biodiversity and president of the board of directors of the Safari Club of Mexico. He also served as a member of the board of the National Wildlife Council.

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  1. A great man that decided to kill innocent animals. He got exactly what he deserved and I'd like to see more of these big game hunters have the same fate.