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Biden Interrupted by Howling Attendees at Climate Change Conference in Egypt (VIDEO)


Joe Biden traveled to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt to deliver remarks at the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Biden apologized for Trump pulling out of the anti-American Paris Climate Accord.

At one point Joe Biden’s speech was interrupted by howling attendees.

Joe Biden said America needs to make “transformational changes” to fight climate change. 

“As I stand here before you, I’m taking enormous to achieve that,” Biden said as people began howling.

Biden froze and looked spooked.


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  1. way to go uncle sam. if you really wanted to fight climate change then maybe you should start with your military, the entirety of which runs on diesel fuel vehicles with absolutely no exhaust regulations whatsoever. but you have no problem blaming everybody else for exhaust emissions, do you?