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Blake Masters Responds to Obama After His Arrogant Attacks at Arizona Rally in a Gym (VIDEO)


Obama held a small rally in an Arizona gym this week for far-left Democrat Mark Kelly.

Kelly went to Washington DC pretending he was a moderated and voted for EVERY SINGLE piece of racical far-left legislation to destroy America since he’s been there.

You’ve seen the results. We all have. And we are all suffering.

During Obama’s stop in Arizona, he took time to attack Blake Masters. 

Barack Obama: If you were trying to create in a lab a lackey Republican politician, it would look a lot like this guy, Mr. Masters.

Larry Kudlow was not impressed with Obama’s arrogance.

Blake Masters responded to Obama and Mark Kelly’s attacks.

Blake Masters: “Maybe Biden’s PhD economists don’t understand printing trillions of dollars causes inflation, but my 8-year-old does.”

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