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‘CBS Mornings’ Went To Three Florida Cities – And Didn’t Find One Person Supporting Charlie Crist

 Despite traveling up and down Florida’s east coast — and stopping in areas of the state that President Joe Biden won in the 2020 presidential election — “CBS Mornings” apparently struggled to find even one person who was supporting Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist.

According to a report that aired on Tuesday, the network sent a crew to Florida ahead of the midterm election — which includes, in addition to a number of other hotly-contested races, the contest between Crist and incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) — and that crew learned that even in cities that favored Biden two years ago, Crist was not terribly popular.


As part of a segment labeled “Three Meals in Florida,” “CBS Mornings” host Tony Dokoupil sat down with voters in three different cities — Miami, Melbourne, and Jacksonville — and talked to them about the issues that mattered most with the election imminent.

And the overall assessment, Dokoupil noted, was that there was little to no support for Charlie Crist.

“I gotta point out that once we started digesting our food and digesting the day, we realized that on that day-long trip we spoke to dozens of people up and down the coast of Florida — all in precincts, by the way, that voted for President Biden in 2020,” he said, adding, “But to our surprise, we did not run into a supporter of Ron DeSantis’ Democratic opponent — that would be Charlie Crist.”

Dokoupil did speak to at least one person who said he had not voted for DeSantis in the past, and did not plan to vote for him in the midterm either, but he still believed the Republican governor had been “unfairly vilified” in the media and on the national stage. He did not say that he planned to vote for Crist — or whether he planned to vote at all.

One woman was careful to point out the fact that Cuban-Americans tended to vote Republican in larger numbers than Latino voters in general — and she referred to DeSantis, in a positive fashion, as “a beast.”

“I like the way he does everything,” she said with a smile, voicing support for DeSantis’ efforts to transplant illegal migrants from Florida to sanctuary jurisdictions like Martha’s Vineyard. “I’m an immigrant, but I came legal. I believe in legal immigration. I don’t believe in illegal immigration.”

WATCH the full segment here:

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