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Florida Democrat Charlie Crist Says He Would Impose Statewide Mask Mandate if “Scientists” Tell Him to (VIDEO)


Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate (and grifter) Charlie Crist on Sunday said he would impose a statewide mask mandate if the scientists told him to do so.

Democrat Crist is running against Florida’s highly popular Republican incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis.

Crist made the remarks at a town hall in Sarasota on Sunday to about 20 people.

A masked town hall attendee asked Charlie Crist if he would impose a stateside mask mandate. 

“As Florida’s governor, would you be open to mandating or regulating masks?” a masked attendee asked Crist.

“I would be open to doing what scientists advised,” Crist said.

Charlie Crist then told the 20 people at his event that he’s on his way to the airport and he will be wearing a mask on the plane.

“I’m gonna wear a mask on the plane. You don’t have to anymore, but I’m going to because Florida is experiencing an uptick again,” Crist said.

So an unmasked Crist is indoors with elderly people spitting on them as he speaks, but he’s going to wear a mask later in the day on a plane.

Makes sense.

It’s time for Florida to get rid of this grifter.


Joe Biden is en route to Florida and will campaign for Charlie Crist Tuesday afternoon in Golden Beach (try not to laugh).

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