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GOP governor stops NBC anchor in his tracks for downplaying economic issues: 'You're in a bubble, man'

 Chuck Todd, host of NBC News' "Meet the Press," received a prompt reality check on Sunday when he questioned why more Americans are not concerned about alleged threats to democracy.

What happened?

Speaking with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R), Todd wanted to know why the moderate Republican is supporting "an election denialist."

Todd was referring to Donald Bolduc, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, who questions the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

But the very premise of Todd's question, Sununu pointed out, exposed Todd's disconnect from what most Americans truly care about.

"Let me tell you, you're in a bubble, man. I love you, Chuck, but you are in a bubble if you think anybody is talking about what happened in 2020, or talking about Mar-a-Lago and all that," Sununu told Todd.

"I know the press loves to talk about it," the governor noted, before explaining, "People are talking about what is happening in their pocketbooks every single day when they have to buy groceries or fill up gas."

Todd, however, was not convinced.

"You think this should be prioritized over election denialism?" he asked.

"Of course. Oh, my gosh, Chuck, this is hitting people," Sununu shot back. "They're having trouble paying their mortgage. They're having trouble making car payments because of bad policies out of Washington. Should they be? Look, the beauty of the American system is every voter has the right and almost the responsibility to be selfish with their vote — to vote in terms of what is best for their family, to have better choice for schools, better economic opportunity."

When Todd pushed back again, Sununu admitted that election security is a "serious issue." But he made clear it won't decide election outcomes.

"When you're talking about what folks are going to be voting on this November — what the top priority issues are — it's inflation, the economy, getting those things under control," the governor said.

Nearly every poll confirms what Sununu explained. New surveys from GallupABC NewsReuters, and NBC News, among others, show that Americans are most concerned about the economy.


  1. IT comes as a shock to most Americans when they find that the entire world does not follow things in the USA and doesnt GIVE a rats ass about the USA.

  2. Anyone that voted democrat deserves al the bad shit that is coming their way. They stole the election and now the country is suffering because of it and the stupid commies blame the republicans. Actually it is the republicans fault because they did not fight hard enough to prove the election was stolen and to get it overturned. The proof is now available and they still say nothing. They won't even address or talk about 2000 mules.

  3. It must suck to be a Democrat and watch the wheels fall off your propaganda machine.