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Joe Biden Channels Mitch McConnell and Brags About the Democrats’ “Quality of Candidates” in Midterm Results

 The 2022 election steal was a well-oiled machine between Trump-hating Republicans and the thieving, cheating Democrats.

Lindsay Graham sabotaged the midterm elections by presenting a ‘ban abortion’ bill that motivated unmarried women to vote Democrat.

Mitch McConnell slammed pro-Trump candidates and accused the Republicans of lacking the “quality of candidates” you would expect.

Then Mitch knowingly underfunded Trump-endorsed candidates by 75%.

And then when Democrats came through and stole the elections Mitch McConnell blamed Trump for the losses. 

On Saturday Joe Biden channeled Mitch McConnell and bragged about the “quality of candidates” Democrats ran this year.

Always remember: The communists like to play smash mouth.

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