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“Killing the King” Rupert Murdoch, FOX News and GOP Elites Want to “Dump Trump” – Rob Schmitt’s Brilliant Open on Newsmax


The Rupert Murdoch empire and GOP establishment are going all-out in an effort to destroy President Trump and his MAGA movement.

GOP Elites HATE that they cannot control Trump. They miss the days of obedient voters and their never-ending wars and trade deals that decimated the middle class.

The GOP elites have never accepted MAGA nation. They are embarrassed by their voters. They would rather play controlled opposition than to listen to the majority of Americans who support President Trump and still believe his election was stolen.

On Thursday Rob Schmitt from Newsmax opened with a 14-minute segment on how the GOP elites, Paul Ryan, and the Murdoch empire is hoping they can destroy Trump and the pro-American movement he started. 

They believe the true enemy is their voting base and not the Marxist left.

Such rotten people.

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