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Military Game ‘Call of Duty’ Goes Woke – No American Flag, 22 Gay Pride Flags, Burning US Flag, ‘BLM’ Allowed but Not ‘WLM’ or ‘FJB’


Gamers are calling out Activision Publishing, Inc., an American video game publisher based in Santa Monica, California, and its developer Infinity Ward for its woke and anti-American propaganda.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, the latest installment in the franchise’s runaway success and was released on October 28, 2022, features not one but twenty-two pride flags and no American flag as a call sign.

The American flag isn’t a selectable option, but one player pointed out on Twitter that it can be seen in the game on one of the maps. The woke company decided to display The American Flag on the ground… BURNING!


“22 out of the 29 calling cards that you can pick from the outset are all pride flags. Nothing against a pride flag. You want to fly a pride flag, that’s fine. But where the f*ck is the American flag, Activision? It’s a military base game,” one user said.

“You don’t have one f*cking American flag in there. 22 pride flags, 22! I don’t even know how you get to 22 pride flags. Not one single American flag.”

Watch the videos below:

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The woke game also does not allow players to use ‘WLM’ and ‘FJB’ because it’s inappropriate, but you can use ‘BLM’ for a clan name.

@kimkimplants MW2 wont allow WLM tag 🤣🥲 #mw2 #cod #fyp ♬ My Enemy – VegStar57

Not only that, but the new installment also allows players to de-escalate a situation, and “de-escalating” means pointing your gun directly at civilians.

Watch the video below:

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