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PURE EVIL: DHS Secretary Mayorkas Says Border Is “Secure” After 5 Million Illegals Cross Into US in 2 Years – And Flood of Illegals Expected to Surge in Following Latest Ruling

 In July, Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, told CNN the southern border is secure. Of course, this was an outright lie and everyone knows it including Secretary Mayorkas.

Over 5.5 million illegal aliens have entered the US in the first 20 months of Joe Biden’s administration.

There are no barriers keeping out illegals and they are welcomed into the US as soon as they step foot into the country.

Once again on Tuesday DHS Secretary was asked if the US southern border is secure. 

Mayorkas, once again, answered, “Yes.”

This is the type of evil we are up against. Outright lies without even flinching.

Governor Greg Abbott called Mayorkas out after his latest lie.

Border patol announced another monthly record of illegal migrant encounters in October.

Earlier this week corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan ended expulsions of illegal immigrants under the Title 42 public health order. The order is expected to lead to an even greater migrant surge.

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