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School district installs anti-police board director with criminal record who once told protesters to 'tear everything up in this f***ing city' – parents outraged over board's 'completely baffling' decision

 Earlier this month, Washington's Olympia School District board voted unanimously to appoint a board director with a criminal record and history of anti-police statements, Fox News Digital reported.

Talauna Reed was sworn in as the school board's District 2 board director on October 27, according to a district press release.

While typically an elected position, Reed was selected to fill the vacancy after the previous director resigned in June. According to the district, vacancies are filled by conducting interviews with the board instead of being voted in. Reed will serve a one-year term through December 2023.

The board praised Reed's "advocacy and experience working with underserved members of our community."

After being appointed to the board, a video surfaced from July 2021 of Reed speaking at a protest outside the state Capitol.

The video captured Reed referring to police as "pigs" and shouting, "f*** the police."

"It amazes me how those pigs can sit over there to watch us peacefully … talk about what we want changed in this state," Reed stated in the video. "And they don't pay attention until we tear s**t up. So, before I get started, tear everything up in this f***ing city until they do what we want them to do." 

Alesha Perkins, a concerned parent, told "Fox & Friends First" host Todd Piro that the school board's decision to appoint Reed was "completely baffling."

"Ms. Reed has been shown to have an extensive criminal record that should have immediately excluded her from this position. It's really a question as to how this could happen," Perkins stated.

"I think the larger issue here, Ms. Reed aside, is that we clearly have a school board that was bound and determined to place her in this position, proving themselves incapable of making reasonable decisions," Perkins continued.

According to the Daily Mail, Reed's criminal charges include domestic violence, embezzlement, theft, unlawful issuance of bank checks, driving with a suspended license, and assault. Reed has pleaded both guilty and not guilty to various charges.

Reed told Fox News Digital that it was everyone's right to show up for public comment, just as it was her right "to oppose police brutality."

"I am just excited about doing this job and being a part of this," she said. "I am invested in this community. I am a part of this community, and I care about the city, especially the children, as you can learn so much from it."

Despite the pushback from concerned parents, the school board doubled down on its decision to hire the controversial director.

"The Olympia School District Board of Directors has received a number of emails and calls both in support of, and in disagreement with, the board's unanimous decision on October 13 to appoint Talauna Reed to the Olympia School Board," stated school board President Maria Flores.

"We look forward to working with her to address pressing equity and inclusion issues in our school district. We believe she'll be an important voice and partner moving forward," Flores concluded.

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