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Teachers Union to Parents: Educators Know Better Than Parents

 In a weekend tweet, the National Educators Association (NEA) wants everyone to know that they know what is best for our children. The Saturday tweet said,  “Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and to thrive.”

In truth, teachers unions have been damaging to children across the nation. From shutdowns, to Critical Race Theory, to demonizing parents, to abuse, children come second to their political agenda.

Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten has done more damage to children than most during the Covid pandemic. Weingarten shut down schools and forced children to learn remotely. She even bragged that Joe Biden’s CDC asked them for language on school reopening guidance. “They asked us for language and we gave them language,” Weingarten said. 

A New Jersey teachers union ad attacked parents who dare to express concerns to school officials at school board meetings calling them ‘extremists’ saying, “We don’t agree on everything in New Jersey, but we all agree that our kids deserve a world class education. So when extremists start attacking our schools, that’s not who we are.  People who only want to fight to score political points should take that somewhere else.”

In 2021, the NEA voted to spend union dues conducting opposition research on groups that oppose Critical Race Theory.

In August, a lawsuit was filed against Minneapolis Public Schools over a stipulation in the teachers union contract that white teachers be laid off before people of color. Under the “educators of color protections,” when the school plans to lay off a teacher “who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the District shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population.”

And as for physical, sexual and verbal abuse of children by educators? A Project Veritas video showed union leaders admitting that they have protected and defended union members that have abused students saying,  “Sh*t Happens.”

The people the NEA is telling us “know better than parents” are responsible for horrendous crimes against children. According to Fox5,  “At least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested so far this year on child sex-related crimes in the U.S., ranging from child pornography to raping students.”

But teachers unions know better than parents what is best for children.

The NEA must not have liked the responses to their twee.  They hid replies from outraged parents.


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  1. They aren't educating, they are indoctrinating. And they need to be stopped by ANY means necessary. And if the corrupt scumbag FBLIE continues intimidating parents for corrupt commie filth like H0M0BAMA and Valerie Jarrett, they need to be attacked as well. Stand up for your kids AmeriKa