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“There is an Awesome Site Called Masterbatedone – I Wonder Why the Screen Is So Dirty” – Elon Musk SMASHES Paul Krugman

 Twitter owner Elon Musk was on a roll Monday morning.

The world’s richest man and Twitter owner called on independent voters to vote Republican this election.

Elon’s reasoning is that a split government cannot do as much harm as one-party rule. One day he will learn more about the modern-day Democrats. They seem to be going after him pretty hard right now. He is ripe for a reawakening. 

But Elon was not finished. 

Musk then slammed Paul Krugman, the crazy far-left propagandist at The New York Times.

Krugman was playing pretend yesterday. Krugman posted several tweets suggesting he had an alternative social media page to Twitter… Is Krugman on Parler? GETTR? Gab?

Elon Musk mocked Krugman, “If you don’t like Twitter anymore, there is awesome site called Masterbatedone.”

Then Musk added, “Gee, I wonder why the screen is so dirty…” in reference to Krugman’s filthy computer screen!

Elon Musk is making Twitter fun again.

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