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America’s First Fully Automated McDonalds Comes To Texas


Mcdonalds’ opened its first fully-automated restaurant in Texas.

The food is still cooked by real people but the rest is fully automated.

The Daily Mail reported:

McDonald’s has opened up a fully-automated restaurant in Texas, which is completely run by machines so you don’t have to speak to anyone, and it has left people on the internet divided. 

The brand-new eatery, located just outside Fort Worth, uses advanced technology so that customers can order their food and receive their meal without having to interact with any humans, and while some people are excited about the idea, others find it a little creepy.

While your food will be cooked by real people, you won’t have to interact with them at all because they’ll be tucked away in the kitchen.

Here is a video taken from the Mcdonalds’:

Some commenters were not a fan of the change.

One pointed out the disastrous effect this could have on the job market if it was fully implemented.

The Daily Dot reported:

“No thanks,” one commenter wrote. “I love the people that work there. I want to hear voices and see faces. I want to see smiles at both windows!”

“Nobody realizing what this will do to the job market once every company implements this?” another commenter wrote.

“McDonald’s is such a great first job for teens tho,” a commenter wrote. “I know y’all lying if you think they short-staffed.”

Is this the future? 


  1. the automat is an old concept,the one I went to often in Amsterdam had some very good food in the little glass windows, the cooks put in in through the back.much much better than mickie Ds

  2. Welcome to you 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, proof again elections have consequences

  3. ...and what happens if the order is messed up?

  4. That sits across the interstate from the highest crime area of Ft. Worth. I doubt most of those customers even possess the I.Q. to even use the technology. But on the bright side; there will be no counter help to be robbed, beaten, or abused. Maybe that's why it was built there.