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Cry Bully Taylor Lorenz Flustered on Her Livestream After Libs of TikTok Confronts Her – Had to Abruptly End Livestream After Reading Comments (VIDEO)


On Saturday night, Twitter suspended far-left reporter from Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz, also known as “Tay Tay.”

Taylor Lorenz, who was born (according to Wikipedia) on October 21, circa 1984–1987, was the latest liberal journalist to be booted off from the social media giant.

Lorenz used her dog’s Twitter account in an attempt to evade the ban. In a tweet, she claimed that Musk banned her for asking him to comment on a story she and another far-left WaPo reporter, Drew Harwell, were working on.

“Reached out to Elon for comment for a story [Drew Harwell] and I are working on. Here’s what I tweeted (below), [Elon Musk] banned me for it, Imao,” wrote Lorenz. 

The secondary account was immediately suspended for violating the ban evasion policy on Twitter.

Elon Musk said on Saturday that Taylor Lorenz’s account was temporarily suspended on Twitter due to “prior doxxing action by this account.” He added that the suspension would be lifted soon.

“Temp suspension due to prior doxxing action by this account. Will be lifted shortly,” Musk wrote.

Taylor Lorenz attacked Elon Musk on Instagram live Friday, two hours after she got suspended from the platform.

She called Musk ‘crazy’ and ‘messy.’

Watch the video below:

On the same night, Lorenz was confronted by Libs of Tiktok during her live stream.

Watch the video below:

After receiving criticism during her own live stream on TikTok, Lorenz abruptly ended it.

Watch the video below:

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